An Honest Review About V2 E-cigs

V2 Cigs Number One E-Cig Brand

V2 e-cig was recommended by my colleague. At first, I was hesitant to order the economy kit but my co-worker told me how he loves this brand so I thought why not give it a try? There’s nothing to lose anyway and there was a free shipping promo during that time.

My first impression with V2 e-cigs was favorable. The first flavor that I tried was menthol. For the past 15 years, I have stayed with the same brand of menthol cigarette and I thought I would never try another. I’m surprised that it tasted better than my old cigarettes. Because of this, I was also convinced to try other flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and coffee. I didn’t like cherry.

I like to smoke my V2 e-cig after a eating a meal or before sleeping. It relaxes my body and relieves me from stress. I would say that V2 e-cigs have a special place in my lungs. I highly recommend it.

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V2Cig E-cigs: What Is Their Appeal?

E-cigs - V2 Cigs

An e-cig is a gadget that heats up liquid nicotine to emit vapor. When the user inhales this vapor, it delivers nicotine into their system thus reducing their longing for normal cigarettes.

V2Cigs provides their clients with a superior product that has the best e-cig throat-hit in the market. They have a starter kit that comes with all the necessary items required to use an e-cig. You have the option of choosing between a manual and an automatic e-cig battery.

You get to save on money with V2Cigs economy starter kit because it consists of an e-cig charger and liquid cartridges.

The V2Cigs cartridges come in four different strengths which are 0, 0.6, 1.2 and 1.8 percent nicotine. This is great for people who would like to adjust the strengths until they stop smoking completely.

V2cig provides 2 flavors which are congress and red. This means that you will not long for normal cigarettes once you start smoking V2cig e-cigs.

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The Best Online Electronic Cigarette Liquid Store

E-cig Liquids

E-cig is the largest online superstore for electronic cigarettes, e Cigarettes and e-liquid products. Here you can find a collection of electronic cigarettes and e-cig liquid that are completely customized to meet the requirements of the e-cig enthusiast. You will also find superior quality, great service and attractive prices.

This is the first company to market the e-cigarette liquid that contains various densities of nicotine and a number of flavors. This means only one thing:  customers are able to save considerably on cartridges and they have more comprehensive choice. With over 8,000 electronic cigarette liquid products to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone.

The electronic cigarette liquid products also have four bases and ten contrasting nicotine densities with about 200 different flavors. There is without a doubt a wide choice to select from as far as densities and flavors are concerned. As an e-cig enthusiast, you will definitely find e-liquid and e-liquid products that meet your requirements.

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Why You Should Try E-cigs


Electronic cigarettes, which are also known as e-cigs, are sweeping the nation at a fast pace. Many consumers are converting to these types of cigarettes as a healthier option than using tobacco based products.

E-cigs contain far less harmful components than their tobacco-based counterparts, which have substances such as tar and formaldehyde.

Additionally, employers and places of business are more accepting of electronic devices than they are of tobacco products.

The concern of second hand smoke inhalation is not prevalent with electronic cigarettes because the product emits a vapor that does not contain carcinogens. Therefore, many business establishments and employers allow their patrons and employees to use the e-cig.

Another great reason that people are converting to electronic cigarettes is the cost. A person can purchase enough e-liquid to last through a carton of cigarettes for a fraction of the cost.

If you are a consumer who has health concerns, you may want to consider going this route.

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An E-Cig Can Help You Kick Your Smoking Habit Fast

E-cigs for Health

A lot of consumers are discovering that e-cigs can be the perfect smoking cessation devices. These products help them to give up tobacco products without suffering through the intense side effects of nicotine withdrawal.

An e-cig looks and handles much like a traditional cigarette, but it does not have the same negative impacts on the user’s health. People can use them to slowly wean their nicotine consumption while experiencing hand to mouth gratification and immense smoking pleasure.

Best of all, an e-cig can be enjoyed in far more areas than regular cigarette can. The vapor plume that is produced by these devices is not odorous or harmful as is secondhand smoke. People find that they are able to use their devices in restaurants and other in areas in which tobacco products are normally forbidden.

Ultimately, they can learn how to enjoy their favorite pastime without all of the negative health effects, extreme costs and hassle that is commonly caused by regular tobacco smoke.

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An E-Cig Sounds Like A Good Idea


While I have heard of electronic cigarettes, they seemed more of a gimmick and only sparked skepticism, until a couple of days ago. A very close family member told me that they had finally stopped smoking after 40 plus years. Well, that tickled my interest. “How”, I asked. “E-cigs”, he answered.

His relaxed tone was not that of most people that were trying to quit smoking. E-cigs are great on two fronts. They address the issue of habits, and the cartridges that can contain nicotine address the addiction. “It looks, feels and taste pretty darn close to the real thing”, he said. The e-cig comes in a number of sizes that mimic the traditional combustible cigarette. An LED tip and vaporizing mechanism provides the look of a lit smoking cigarette. Cartridges that resemble the filter of a combustible cigarette give the e-cig nicotine and taste to satisfy nearly any smoker.

E-cigs come in a number of kit varieties; these kits offer numerous choices in flavor, sizes, battery life and charging options. E-cigs have made my family member’s effort to quit smoking less stressful than my own, and I am sure many others. E-cigs have done away with all the second hand smoke, making it less stressful for non smokers. My conversation has transcended e-cigs from gimmick to necessity.

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V2 Cigs – Taking The Guess Work Out of E-Cigs

E-cig | V2 CIGS

The website for V2cigs helps to take the guess work out of the mass supply of e-cigs that are available all over the web and in some brick and mortar stores today.

Each section of their website provides information on what each little component is, what it does, and who would benefit from it.

They even have a handy little calculator that allows browsers to compare prices to see how much they will save by switching from a regular pack of cigarettes, or even another e-cig device to one of V2’s electronic brands.

Their beginner e-cig kit is a little higher than those sold at some other places, and offers just the bare necessities to get started using their brand of tobacco free products. It does not offer the buyer much in the way of options, but it will give them an idea of what smoking this type of product will be like.

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